“The Alexander Technique has helped me to feel less stressed when consulting. The workstation guidance was particularly useful. The method also helps a lot with long car journeys which always used to give me a sore neck.”

Dr FG, General Practitioner

This method is the only way I’ll arrest my postural decline into a wizened old man.”

AP, Retired Pilot

“We have the ability to re-align ourselves with help to facilitate it.”

IJ, Joiner

“My husband and I went to Anna to improve our posture and help with S's back pain. However, we have found that the Technique also gave S the means to stop smoking and helped me conquer my anxiety when flying.”

AG, TV Executive

“The AT has put me in control of my own body. If I feel pain I can now usually identify the cause and remedy it.”

AL, Computer Consultant

“When dancing salsa the AT helps me loosen my shoulders. I feel and look better.”

WJ, Games Designer

“I started the AT because of headaches and lower back pain. Both of these are almost eradicated, but after some months of seeing Anna I no longer require my steroid inhaler for asthma either.”

CB, Investment Analyst

I visited Anna after suffering many years of both shoulder and low back pain. I found her approach to be gentle and sensitive, and her enormous experience very evident. Almost immediately I noticed an improvement in my shoulder discomfort.

KS, Nurse

Anna's teaching style is considered and intelligent. The Technique has helped me to re-think years of training.

JW, Dance Educator, CBE

“As a dedicated bird watcher I can now hold my binoculars up with ease and can look up into the canopy tops without causing the backache that has haunted me for years. THIS WORKS.”

BG, Retired Headteacher

“My bruxism-related headaches went, and I abandoned my shoe orthotics.”

SA, Retired

“It helped my daughter manage her scoliosis throughout her teens, and eliminated pain and averted impending surgery.”

KB, Receptionist

“I’ve learned to use the musculo-skeletal system more appropriately, which in turn has helped to relieve pain.”

AM, Doctor

“With advancing years the scoliosis-related back pain and lean to the left were becoming more pronounced.  I can now use the AT myself to correct both. It works!”

PW, Science Teacher