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I am a senior teacher of the Alexander Technique with over 35 years' experience, having qualified in 1982, and I practise in Dorking, Surrey and France. All enquiries by email or telephone are welcome, and I try to answer them promptly and in plain English (ou mon meilleur français).

What can the Alexander Technique help with?

We do not claim to treat symptoms, but this work has been practised for over a hundred years and it is fair to say that the Alexander Technique can, has (and probably always will) help with the management of:

  • back pain, neck pain & shoulder pain
  • joint pain
  • tension headaches
  • work-related upper limb disorder or RSI
  • arthritis & other degenerative disorders
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • asthma management
  • blood pressure
  • balance and co-ordination
  • rehab after surgery or accident
  • performance in sport, music or acting
  • posture
  • pregnancy
  • managing Parkinson’s disease
  • enhancing presentation & business skills 
  • confidence.

“And for absolutely everyone it proves to be an effective stress-relieving resource.”

These conditions would appear to be completely unrelated. The common link is unconscious neuro-muscular habits which impair the way we use our bodies, and cause damage.  The work does not treat symptoms but helps to identify and adjust those underlying habits, which usually alleviates symptoms.

A photo of Anna Cooper working with a patient
Anna with client
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“… our bodies are our gardens to the which our wills are gardeners,” Othello